How to Draw a Shark

Time needed: 8 minutes

Learn how to draw a shark with this easy step by step drawing tutorial, you can follow the pictures below and draw this scary shark in no time.

  1. Body Sketch

    Sketch a curved shape for the shark’s body, notice that the upper part is wider than the lower.How to Draw a Shark Body

  2. Tail and Fin

    Sketch the tail and a fin on the shark’s back.How to Draw a Shark Tail Sketch

  3. Jaws

    Draw big upside-down “U” shape for the shark’s jaws..How to Draw a Shark Jaws

  4. Teeth

    Draw two jagged lines for the teeth and a curved line connecting them.How to Draw a Shark Teeth

  5. Eye and Eyebrow

    Draw a small eye and a short wavy line above for the eyebrow.How to Draw a Shark Eye

  6. Gills

    Draw 5 gills in the middle of the shark’s body.How to Draw a Shark Gills

  7. Fins

    Draw two more fins and outline the one on the back.How to Draw a Shark Fins

  8. Body Outlines

    Follow the guidelines to draw the shark’s body.
    How to Draw a Shark Body Outlines

  9. Tail

    Outline the tail and add one more line in the body. Great Job! You can color your drawing now.
    How to Draw a Shark Tail

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