How to Draw Pokemon – Hoopa

Time needed: 15 minutes

Learn how to draw Pokemon – Hoopa with this easy step by step drawing tutorial, just follow the pictures below and you’ll be able to draw Hoopa in no time.

  1. Head and body

    Draw an oval shape for the head and another smaller oval below for Hoopa’s body. Notice that the two ovals are overlapping a bit.How to Draw Pokemon Hoopa Head and Body

  2. Horns

    Sketch two big horns at the sides of the head.How to Draw Pokemon Hoopa Horns Sketch

  3. Arms and Tail

    Draw two big cone like shapes for the arms and another “U” shape below the body for the tail.How to Draw Pokemon Hoopa Arms Sketch

  4. Eyes

    Let’s start drawing Hoopa with the eyes, draw the outer part first and add an oval shape inside.How to Draw Pokemon Hoopa Eyes

  5. Mouth and Cheeks

    Draw a mouth in the middle of the face, two “U” shapes under the eyes and two oval shapes above the eyes.How to Draw Pokemon Hoopa Mouth

  6. Face

    Draw the outline of the face and then add the inner outlines.How to Draw Pokemon Hoopa Face

  7. Face continued

    Draw curved lines on the sides of Hoopa’s face and one above.How to Draw Pokemon Hoopa Face Sides

  8. Rings

    Start drawing the rings touching the lines we drew in the previous step.How to Draw Pokemon Hoopa Rings

  9. Horns Outlines

    Complete drawing the horns, use the guidelines to assist you.How to Draw Pokemon Hoopa Horns

  10. Body Outlines

    Start drawing the body from the middle part, draw a curved line and complete the upper part.How to Draw Pokemon Hoopa Body

  11. Chest

    Draw a “V” shape on the chest and complete the bottom part of the body.How to Draw Pokemon Hoopa Chest

  12. Tail

    Start drawing Hoopa’s tail with a curved line below the body and complete the tail with a pointy end.How to Draw Pokemon Hoopa Tail

  13. Hands

    Draw the thumb first and after a curved line to complete the hand.How to Draw Pokemon Hoopa Hands

  14. Arms

    Draw the arms, start with the shape closer to the hands and finish with a small triangle at the end. That’s it you can now color your drawing of Hoopa from Pokemon.How to Draw Pokemon Hoopa Arms

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