How to Draw Luigi

Time needed: 12 minutes

Hey there, budding artists and Mario fans!
Ever wondered how to bring Luigi, that lovable green-clad plumber from the Mario Bros movie, to life on your paper? Well, get ready for an adventure in creativity because we’re about to dive into an easy step-by-step drawing tutorial! With just a pencil and some paper, you’ll be able to follow along with our simple instructions and sketch Luigi in no time.
So, grab your favorite drawing tools, put on your thinking caps, and get ready to unleash your inner artist as we embark on this fun-filled journey to draw Luigi!

  1. Sketch head and body

    Sketch an elongated ellipse for the head and another round shape for the body.How to Draw Luigi Head and Body

  2. Sketch legs and feet

    Sketch two legs (a bit longer than the body) and feet.How to Draw Luigi Legs and Feet

  3. Sketch arms and hands

    Sketch an arm on each side of the body and two big hands.How to Draw Luigi Arms and Hands

  4. Guidelines, ears and hat

    Draw a cross guidelines for the face, two ears on the sides of the face and Luigi’s hat.How to Draw Luigi Ears and Hat

  5. Nose and eyes

    Draw a circle in the middle of the face and two eyes.How to Draw Luigi Nose and Eyes

  6. Pupils and mustache

    Draw two curved lines for the pupils and a mustache below the nose.How to Draw Luigi Pupils and Mustache

  7. Mouth and Eyebrows

    Draw a mouth below the mustache and two eyebrows above the eyes.How to Draw Luigi Mouth and Eyebrows

  8. Face and sideburns

    Draw the outlines of the face and two sideburns on each side of the face.How to Draw Luigi Face and Sideburns

  9. Hat and Ears

    Draw the ears and Luigi’s hat with the letter L inside.How to Draw Luigi Hat

  10. Neck and Overall

    Draw Luigi’s neck and overall.How to Draw Luigi Overall

  11. Body and Arms

    Draw his body and arms on the sides.How to Draw Luigi Body and Arms

  12. Hands

    Draw Luigi’s hands, start with a big round shape and then add the details.How to Draw Luigi Hands

  13. Legs and Shoes

    Draw Luigi’s legs and his shoes below.How to Draw Legs and Shoes

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