How to Draw Sonic

Time needed: 10 minutes

Learn how to draw Sonic with this super easy drawing tutorial.

  1. Face

    Draw a wavy line for the bottom part of the face and connect it with a curved line.How to Draw Sonic Step 1

  2. Face upper part

    Draw an upside down ‘W’ shape for the face.How to Draw Sonic Step 2

  3. Eyes

    Draw two eyes and another circle inside.How to Draw Sonic Step 3

  4. Mouth and Nose

    Draw Sonic’s nose and his mouth.How to Draw Sonic Step 4

  5. Head

    Draw the shape of Sonic’s head with 3 spikes.How to Draw Sonic Step 5

  6. Ears

    Draw two rounded triangles for the ears and another triangle for the ear on the right.How to Draw Sonic Step 6

  7. Body and Arms

    Start by drawing the arm on the right, continue to the body and draw the other arm.How to Draw Sonic Step 7

  8. Some details

    Draw a few lines for Sonic’s feet hands and half a circle for his body.How to Draw Sonic Step 8

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