How to Draw a Rose

Time needed: 8 minutes.

Learn how to draw a rose with this easy step by step drawing tutorial, you can follow the pictures below and draw this red rose in minutes.

  1. Petal first shape

    Draw a 9 figure to start your drawing.How to Draw a Rose Step 1

  2. Petal second shape

    Draw kind of an “r” shape just below the shape we drew in the previous step.How to Draw a Rose Step 2

  3. Petal third shape

    Draw a heart shape around the “9”.How to Draw a Rose Step 3

  4. Another Petal

    Draw below a big petal, start with a curved line at the top.How to Draw a Rose Step 4

  5. 2 More Petals

    At the top of the rose draw two more petals and another small vertical line.How to Draw a Rose Step 5

  6. Two Last Petals

    Draw two last petals on the sides of the rose.How to Draw a Rose Step 6

  7. Decoration

    Draw a few lines for decoration inside the petals. (Optional)How to Draw a Rose Step 7

  8. Stem

    Draw the rose’s stem using two long line and connect at the bottom, notice that the stem has some width.How to Draw a Rose Step 8

  9. Leaf

    Draw a leaf using a jagged line on the left side of the rose.How to Draw a Rose Step 9

  10. Two more leaves

    Draw two more leaves for the rose and that’s it! You can now color your drawing of a rose.How to Draw a Rose Step 10

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