How to Draw Pokemon – Celebi

Learn how to draw Pokemon – Celebi, follow the easy step by step drawing tutorial and you’ll be able to draw Celebi from Pokemon in no time.

  1. Head and Body

    Draw a drop shape for Celebi’s head and a round line for the body.How to Draw Pokemon Celebi Head and Body

  2. Eyes

    Draw 2 big circles for the eyes at the lower part of the face.How to Draw Pokemon Celebi Eyes

  3. Mouth and Eyes continued

    Draw a mouth at the bottom of the face and add a curved line inside the eyes.How to Draw Pokemon Celebi Mouth

  4. Wings and Eyebrows

    Draw two long eyebrows above the eyes and two wings on the sides. How to Draw Pokemon Celebi Wings

  5. Hair

    Draw curved lines for the hair, start drawing from top to bottom.How to Draw Pokemon Celebi Hair

  6. Arms

    Start drawing the arms just bellow the wings. Draw 3 fingers for each hand.How to Draw Pokemon Celebi Arms

  7. Front Leg

    On the left side below the body, draw Celebi’s front leg,How to Draw Pokemon Celebi Front Leg

  8. Back leg and Chest

    Draw the leg just next to the previous one we drew before and add a “V” shape on the chest. Great job! You can now color this cute Pokemon character.How to Draw Pokemon Celebi Back Leg

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